Centering Christ

Voice of the Middle Ground is committed to the pursuit of our mission through Christ-centered principles. This is true both in our more directly evangelistic events and in our Community Connection events.

One of the challenges to forming authentic connections is an inability to connect on a person-to-person level. Voice of the Middle Ground's Community Connection events help to bridge the gap in this regard.

Cultivating Community

Authenticity. Diversity. Community. These principles are important both in our work and to our internal culture. Voice of the Middle Ground is a city within a city. Because of this, the work that we do, we do as a result of the overflow of what's happening within. This include fostering a community of accountability.

As part of Voice of the Middle Ground's internal culture of community, incoming volunteers will have regular check ins with team leads to perform resiliency checks (spiritual, emotional, and physical) to help ensure the well-being of each volunteer and to identify partner-up opportunities to accomplish the same. Volunteers will also check in with team leads on assignment progress (to evaluate performance and assess additional partner-up opportunities and to see where teams can provide additional support).

Challenging Culture

Voice of the Middle Ground is committed not just to words but also to action. his means taking our internal culture and letting that move us into actions led by the spirit of both truth and love. Through programming, services, resources, and opportunities, Voice of the Middle Ground is walking with communities one person at a time. Our volunteers and financial partners help to make it possible to bring our ministry and mission to life.

Hey, there!

Don't have the time to volunteer? There are other ways that you can embrace your path with Voice of the Middle Ground. Become a financial partner today!

Become A Volunteer

Embrace your path in 3 easy steps...1.2.3.


The first step toward embracing your path is completing the volunteer inventory. Voice of the Middle Ground is also a strengths-based organization. This is a strong part of our core because, if a person steps into a role that's in alignment with their strengths and SHAPE, then even work feels less like work. It becomes easier to experience a sense of community while working toward a common purpose. Complete the inventory using the form below.


Connect with the Volunteer Coordinator. Once you've completed the Volunteer Inventory, the Volunteer Coordinator will schedule a meeting with you. The first step in this meeting will be reviewing the results of your inventory.


After your meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator, you'll start the process of integrating into your volunteer team. Your team lead will walk with you through this process, keeping in mind the results of your inventory as well as Voice of the Middle Ground's Volunteer Philosophy as outlined above.