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I came to Voice of the Middle Ground to help people find the resources they need to reach reconciliation. When I heard that Ruth was looking for a Conference Coordinator, I wanted to get involved and offer support. Encouraged by Jesus' teachings on unity and love, I'm looking forward to playing my part in creating a space where diverse voices harmonize and embrace understanding and acceptance through God’s love.

~ Conference Coordinator, Sarah Loper
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A primary focus of Voice of the Middle Ground is education. The annual Rev 7 Conference is one of the major ways VotMG dives into this focus. Because of this, we're welcoming Sarah Loper into the role of Conference Coordinator. Her attention to detail, skill with audio-visual technology, and her experience as a coordinator make her a great choice for the role. We welcome Sarah Loper to the Conference Planning Team as we continue to build and transform the Rev 7 Conference Experience.

Strengthsfinder Strengths

Adaptability, Empathy, Arranger, Relator, Harmony, Belief, Includer, Input


Sarah Loper is an audio-technician currently residing in Laveen, Arizona where she attends CrossWalk Church. Sarah's passion for audio is a gift she has gained both through her experience as a technical theater student in high school and her experience with worship audio technique at the collegiate level as she worked alongside the Worship Arts students at Grand Canyon University. She also currently serves as the audio and presentation technician at CrossWalk Church and takes part in helping to foster a community of worship through taking part in the video and weekend preparation team as well.