The need for creating a Christian understanding (and practice) of cross-cultural and multi-ethnic relationships in today's environment has reached a critical point. We need the Holy Spirit's wisdom and help to grasp what it means to "love one another as ourselves" and to "speak the truth in love" in a 21st century world which is becoming smaller all the time.

Pastor Jeff Gunn

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Pastor Jeff Gunn, with a ministry spanning since 1982 across continents and cultures, steps into the role of Synod Partnership Facilitator for Voice of the Middle Ground. His diverse experiences, from serving in Zambia to leading in American Lutheran education and ministry, have honed his expertise in nurturing cross-cultural Christian relationships. Pastor Gunn's advanced education in leadership fortifies his strategic approach to upholding doctrinal integrity and fostering vital connections within the WELS.

In this role, he will ensure that Voice of the Middle Ground's commitment to the gospel and doctrinal accountability resonates through all initiatives, especially when addressing complex and emotionally charged topics. Pastor Gunn's personal and professional journey reflects the organization's dedication to living out the scriptural mandates of love and truth in a multicultural world.

As Synod Partnership Facilitator, Pastor Gunn is poised to enhance Voice of the Middle Ground's mission, aligning our efforts with the Lutheran Confessions and strengthening our collective witness within the WELS community.

  • Bachelors, Dr. Martin Luther College;
  • Masters in Education, Brenau University;
  • Ed. D. in Leadership, Nova Southeastern University
Strengthsfinder Strengths

Strategic, Woo, Achiever, Self-Assurance, Learner, Arranger, Positivity, Futuristic


Pastor Jeff Gunn has been a pastor since 1982. He's enjoyed a diverse number of ministry experiences, including as a pastor in Zambia, Central Africa, a teacher and assistant principal at Arizona Lutheran Academy, Director of Native American Ministry, was the founding pastor at CrossWalk Church, and now serves as a pastor at Amazing Love in Frankfort, IL. Jeff is married to Julie. Together, they have five children, whose names all begin with the letter A.