Board of Directors

Your journey to getting to know the Board of Directors of Voice of the Middle Ground starts here. Here are some of the key promises you can expect from VotMG as you continue to connect with us.

A strong foundation in Biblical teaching
A commitment to truth AND love
Moving forward in equipping and teaching
Highlighting both internally and externally the values of authenticity, diversity, and community building

Ruth Jefferson and Dr. Scott Gostchock taking part in Vizio Groups

Legal Documents

Having achieved our formal 501(c)3 status in 2022, Voice of the Middle Ground is focused on the following focus areas:

  • Embracing diversity in churches
  • Mental health
  • Childhood education
  • Returning citizens
  • Police officers and first responders
  • Intergenerational trauma
  • Community building

Voice of the Middle Ground is committed to pursuing these focus areas from a Revelation 7 perspective. Based on this perspective, VotMG offers coaching, training, resources and other growth opportunities and holds community events. Your donations help to make this ministry possible. Schedule a meeting to talk with us about the ministry of Voice of the Middle Ground and to book our services.