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Embracing the Middle Ground

Grounded in the gospel's call, 'Embracing the Middle Ground' seeks to dissolve barriers and cultivate a sense of community in today's polarized landscape.

The Culture of Podcasting

Discover how podcasting empowers churches to foster authentic engagement, embrace diversity, and strengthen community ties in a modern world.

Voice of the Middle Ground

Secret Audio

Hey there! You got us. This is kind of a treasure hunt. In some place around the website, you'll find audio like this. When you discover this audio, you'll find interesting content that builds on the mission, vision, and values of Voice of the Middle Ground.


Revving Up with Rev 7

Welcome to 'Revving up with Rev 7,' where we accelerate our journey towards transformation by channeling the dynamic energy of faith, community, and the unifying vision of Revelation 7.

Branding Your Space

Embark on a transformative journey with 'Branding Your Space,' where intentional design meets the power of the gospel to revolutionize your relationships and become a catalyst for positive change in your community.

Harmonize Podcast

Tools & Resources

Branding Your Space